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Episode: Novelist Monte Schultz is 'This Side of Jordan'?and cartoonist dad Charles Schul
Podcast: Mr. Media
Veröffentlicht: vor 7 Jahren, am 24.03.2010 um 10:41
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When his father wrote adult characters, they sounded like muffled trombones.

When Monte Schulz writes grown up dialogue, there is no doubt that the words are not from the mouths of babes. To wit:
Something blunt struck Alvin between the eyes, waking him, while a voice he didn?t recognize whispered, ?Get up, you little sonofabitch!?
Alvin felt cold steel pressed to his forehead and opened his eyes. A dark figure stood over him. A rifle barrel extended from Alvin?s forehead to the hands of the man standing in front of him. ?Nobody robs Charlie Harper, you little double-crossing sonofabitch!?
Nope, that is just not the way the little round-headed kid talked to Lucy, even after she pulled the football out from under him for the umpteenth time.

Monte Schulz, author of the new novel, This Side of Jordan, in case you haven?t yet made the connection, is the eldest son of one of the world?s most beloved cartoonists, Charles Schulz, creator of the legendary comic strip, ?Peanuts.?

This Side of Jordan is a period piece circa 1929. Monte?smartly, in my opinion?went in a completely different direction from his famous dad, narrating the barnstorming, bloodthirsty adventures of an odd trio?a con man, a dwarf and a farm boy at the edge of the Great Depression.
Hear it now!MONTE SCHULZ AUDIO EXCERPT: "My dad read the book before he died. He liked Rascal a lot--'He's such a funny little guy.' He used to tell me I was raising the level of art in the family." 

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You can LISTEN to this interview with MONTE SCHULTZ, novelist and author of THIS SIDE OF JORDAN, by clicking the audio player above!

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