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Episode: 'Community' TV star Danny Pudi is a man of many men: Batman, Don Draper, vampire
Podcast: Mr. Media
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IMG_9172Danny Pudi, image by Rob Poetsch via Flickr

It?s a shame Lorne Michaels didn?t sign up Danny Pudi for ?Saturday Night Live? before the producers of the NBC sitcom ?Community? cast him as ?Abed.? He is so flexible in body, mind and voice as to suggest a combination of Jim Carrey, the late Phil Hartman and a thoroughly modern Rich Little.

Pudi looks so unassuming that no matter how often you see him do his stuff on ?Community,? you can?t help but do a doubletake, rewind and watch him do it again. And again.

In moments you'll hear a clip from a recent episode, in which co-star Chevy Chase goads him into practicing his manly technique with fellow community college student Annie, played by Alison Brie. Here?s a tip: Brie also plays ?Trudy,? a character on AMC?s ?Mad Men.?

Maybe Woody Allen could remake the film Zelig with Pudi as the lead.

Besides ?Community,? Pudi also had a lead role in the 2009 film Road Trip: Beer Pong and you might also recognize him for a certain T-mobile commercial.

Pudi is here to promote his upcoming gig as host of ?ACME Saturday Night? this Saturday, April 10. You can watch the online comedy TV show streaming live online @ http://www.acmecomedy.com at 10 p.m. Eastern, 7 p.m. Pacific.

(Note from Mr. Media: I discovered after the interview that I pronounced Danny's last name wrong throughout the interview. He was too kind to correct me, but I do apologize. It was an honest mistake!)

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Hear it now!DANNY PUDI AUDIO EXCERPT: "It's really amazing to watch Chevy Chase. To learn from him and watch him... His hands are fun. And the fact I have a Christmas card with Chevy Chase on my refrigerator is wild enough, but the other day he told me my Christmas card is on his fridge? I don't think it gets any stranger that knowing my face is on Chevy Chase's fridge right now. It's pretty insane." 

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You can LISTEN to this interview with DANNY PUDI, star of COMMUNITY and ROAD TRIP: BEER PONG, by clicking the audio player above!

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