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Episode: Step aside, Gwyneth and Scarlett! Iron Man Robert Downey Jr. is checking out Any
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Veröffentlicht: vor 8 Jahren, am 25.04.2010 um 14:24
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Anya Monzikova attending the LUX-5 Fantasea On...Anya Monzikova, image via Wikipedia

No disrespect to Howie Mandel, but in moving on from ?Deal or No Deal? to share a pivotal scene in Iron Man 2 next month with Robert Downey Jr., former #10 suitcase model Anya Monzikova has most definitely traded up.

Anya, a classic Hollywood beauty who was born in Russia and raised in Plantation, Florida?of course?is a stunning young blonde whose eyes tease you into thinking she knows a whole lot more than you do. And if even if she doesn?t, you?ll believe she does.

Iron Man 2 wasn?t her first memorable film gig, by the way. She was also ?The Face? of the beautiful women in Jonathan Mostow?s thriller Surrogates, starring Bruce Willis.

I suspect it?s an exciting time to be Anya and I certainly plan to find out if I?m right.

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Hear it now!ANYA MONZIKOVA AUDIO EXCERPT: "When I was on set, (Iron Man 2 director) Jon Favreau asked me to translate a little Russian for Scarlett Johansson's character?she plays the Black Widow. Being a part of that and getting to contribute a little behind scenes was pretty cool." 

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