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Episode: Cue the red Ferrari! Magnum P.I. co-star Larry Manetti is in Mr. Media's house!
Podcast: Mr. Media
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LISTEN! Larry Manetti brought a tremendous amount of natural charisma and boundless cockiness to his role as a restaurateur named Rick?Tom Selleck?s Vietnam War buddy and sidekick?on the long-running CBS adventure series, ?Magnum, P.I.?

He brought that same strong sense of self-awareness to his role as author in his 1999 autobiography, Aloha Magnum. It?s action packed with? well, action, as Manetti recalls a life that never knew the meaning of the word dull.

Besides out of school tales of his friends Selleck and co-stars Roger Moseley and John Hillerman, Manetti regales readers with his encounters with: the Chairman of the Board?Frank Sinatra; the King?Elvis Presley; Tony Curtis; and his pal and mentor Robert Conrad.

Best of all, this isn?t one of those self-told stories of how wonderful Larry is. It?s a warts-and-all portrayal of a regular guy who has led a pretty friggin? great life.

Larry Manetti Website
Hear it now!LARRY MANETTI AUDIO EXCERPT: "Tom Selleck was born gorgeous.When you're born ike that, you kinda know inside of you that you're special. He does have little idiosyncrasies. He's a dear friend; he's there if you need him. He's a great guy. And I don't lie. If he wee a big jerk, I'd say he was a jerk." 

LISTEN! Larry Manetti Radio Interview

You can LISTEN to this interview with LARRY MANETTI, co-star of MAGNUM, P.I., by clicking the link above!

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