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Episode: Superspy Jordan Sandor was inspired by real-life, novelist says
Podcast: Mr. Media
Veröffentlicht: vor 8 Jahren, am 12.06.2010 um 17:53
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Mr. Media had no reason to expect this quiet spring morning to erupt with the familiar sounds of his violent past?

Oh, sorry. I was just seeing myself in the words of lawyer turned novelist Jeffrey Stephens. I inadvertently injected myself into the opening sentence of Stephens? first published book, Targets of Deception, a spy thriller I finished reading this past weekend and recommend without reservation?or threat of gunshot wound?to my listeners.

It is a crackling wild ride with former CIA agent Jordan Sandor?wait; did I say former??on a case he never planned to be a part of. Or did he?

Stephens does a great job of maintaining suspense and mystery around Sandor and his cast of characters as the action transitions from upstate New York to Manhattan, Ft. Lauderdale, Paris and Portofino. If you like this kind of read, take a chance on Deception.

Jeffrey Stephens Website 
Hear it now!JEFFREY STEPHENS AUDIO EXCERPT: "There's a guy standing at the end of the corridor in a trenchcoat. In July! In New York! My friend's face completed changed. He said to us, 'Hang on for a second. I'll be right with you.' He had a conversation with the guy in the trenchcoat. He came back and said, I can't go out  tonight. I'll see you later...' It became apparent this fellow was a special ops person and every and then he would get tapped on the shoulder to go some place and do something. When I created Jordan Sandor, I based it largely on him." 

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You can LISTEN to this interview with JEFFREY STEPHENS, author of TARGETS OF DECEPTION, by clicking the audio player above!

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