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Episode: Hey, Alan Ruck! Ferris Bueller isn't one of NBC's 'Persons Unknown,' is he?
Podcast: Mr. Media
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American actor Alan Ruck at the Dallas Comic Con.Alan Ruck, image via Wikipedia

Thinking about actor Alan Ruck last night, I was reminded of a Dr. Seuss book called, Oh, The Places You?ll Go!



Just think about the places Alan Ruck has gone. He went universe hopping with both Captain Kirk and Captain Picard, to "Spin City" with Michael J. Fox and Charlie Sheen, and to Chicago with Ferris Bueller.

Beat that, Cat in the Hat!

And now Ruck is back, starring in a new NBC summer mini-series called ?Persons Unknown,? which airs Mondays at 10 p.m.
Hear it now!ALAN RUCK AUDIO EXCERPT: "The best part I have had in a feature film (was as Cameron in Ferris Bueller's Day Off). Other people were offered the film and turned it down. Every time I see Emilio Estevez I want to give him a hug because I knew he was offered the role and decided not to do it. He didn't need the role but I did." 

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You can LISTEN to this interview with ALAN RUCK, star of PERSONS UNKNOWN, SPIN CITY and FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF, by clicking the audio player above!

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