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Episode: Are you 'Acting in Young Hollywood'? Talent agent Frederick Levy has a book of t
Podcast: Mr. Media
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Here?s an important difference between me and some parents I know:

I don?t think the world sees my kid as the most beautiful, most talented youngster ever birthed. I love her, my wife loves her and our family loves her, but c?mon! Let?s get real!

That said, I know that a lot of parents believe their son or daughter is God?s gift to humanity ? or, at least, to show business. And they?re going to pursue Hollywood opportunities with their last dying breath, so as God?s gift to information and data sharing, my guest today is Frederick Levy, author of Acting in Young Hollywood and owner of Management 101, a talent firm that guides the career of young people.

Levy is here to keep you parents on the straight and narrow, the smart path to helping Junior and Muffy from unknown to replacing Miley Cyrus on Hannah Montana?or somewhere in between.

This is not Levy?s first book; he also wrote Hollywood 101: The Film Industry and 15 Minutes of Fame: Becoming a Star in the YouTube Revolution.
Hear it now!FREDERICK LEVY AUDIO EXCERPT: "I see a lot of parents move out to L.A. with their child and the business consumes them. They never make a life for themselves. If the child is only focused on auditions and they're not doing the things the other kids are doing, that's a (negative.)" 

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