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Episode: Actor Zeljko Ivanek kicks Mr. Media's butt all over NBC's The Event!
Podcast: Mr. Media
Veröffentlicht: vor 7 Jahren, am 27.09.2010 um 01:12
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Beschreibung: By BOB ANDELMAN (email)

Next on a very special episode of ?Chuck,? actor Zeljko Ivanek as you?ve never seen him before: Happy ? no, giddy! ? smiling at a box of newborn puppies.

Yeah, like that will ever happen!


Zeljko Ivanek is one of those actors who, in character, could have made tough guy actors Lee Marvin or Robert Mitchum cry real tears. He almost always plays a hardass, SOB, an unsympathetic ballbuster. And he?s really, really good at it.

He was that guy on ?Homicide: Life on the Street.? And again on ?Oz.? And pretty much everywhere else.

And that?s the thing: Ivanek sometimes seems like he?s on every drama on TV. And maybe he is: He won an Emmy for his work on ?Damages.? He?s carried recurring roles of late on ?Heroes,? ?24,? ?Big Love? and even ?True Blood.? And now he?s the soft-hearted director of the CIA on the new NBC thriller, ?The Event.? (And I was just kidding about the ?soft-hearted? part.)

Zeljko Ivanek The Event on NBC
Hear it now!ZELJKO IVANEK Audio Excerpt: "We are geared towards one 'Event.' I don't even know what is. But it's one event that will be a game changer. I don't know if it will be the first season or the second season. The world as we know it will be changed." 

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You can LISTEN to this interview with ZELJKO IVANEK, star of THE EVENT, by clicking the audio player above!

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