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Episode: HBO?s The Life and Times of Tim star and creator Steve Dildarian talks back! (20
Podcast: Mr. Media
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By Bob Andelman

The Life & Times of Tim returns for its third season on HBO

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(This interview as originally broadcast on Mr. Media on Aug. 2, 2008.) If you ever wondered what Larry David?the star of HBO?s ?Curb Your Enthusiasm??was like in his 20s, the answer may be found in the adventures of a guy named Tim.

Tim is the lead character in a new animated sitcom on HBO called ?The Life and Times of Tim.? It is vulgar, nasty and sometimes so subtle you?ll want to rewind and check to see if what you thought you heard was really what came out of the characters? mouths.


Steve Dildarian interview with Mr. Media, 2008

You can LISTEN to this interview with STEVE DILDARIAN, creator and voice of HBO’s THE LIFE AND TIMES OF TIM, by clicking the audio player above!

STEVE DILDARIAN audio excerpt: “What we’re saying and doing is not terribly shocking for TV, but it’s so deadpan. When a character is screaming, they have the same face as when they’re whispering.” 

?Tim? comes to us from the mind?and mouth?of Steve Dildarian, who not only created the show but is the voice of its star.

The Life and Times of Tim Website ? Order the Complete Second Season DVD ? YouTube ?

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Bob Andelman is the author or co-author of 12 books, including Mind Over Business with Ken Baum, The Consulate with Thomas R. Stutler, The Profiler with Pat Brown, Built From Scratch with the founders of The Home Depot, The Profit Zone with Adrian Slywotzky, Mean Business with Albert J. Dunlap, and Will Eisner: A Spirited Life. Click here to see Bob Andelman’s Amazon Central author page. He is a member in good standing of the American Society of Journalists and Authors (member page).

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