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Episode: In Media Relations Bible, Brad Phillips removes the cry in crisis! (2013 Video I
Podcast: Mr. Media
Veröffentlicht: vor 5 Jahren, am 09.01.2013 um 14:00
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Mr. Media is recorded live before a studio audience of business, politics, sports and entertainment screw-ups who can?t help but insert both feet and at least one hand every time they open their mouths, thereby providing career insurance for guys like us? in the NEW new media capital of the world? St. Petersburg, Florida!

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The Media Training Bible: 101 Things You Absolutely, Positively Need To Know Before Your Next Interview by Brad Phillips

Order ‘The Media Training Bible: 101 Things You Absolutely, Positively Need To Know Before Your Next Interview’ by Brad Phillips, available fro Amazon.com by clicking on the book cover above!

You can hire New York-based Phillips Media Relations and pay good money for help from Brad Phillips as you and your company negotiate the media through crises and triumphs.

But Phillips is so devoted to curing the world of foot-in-mouth disease that he gives away an awful lot of great ideas, information and instruction for free on his blog, Mr. Media Training.

And yes, that does sound a little like ?Mr. Media,? but we couldn?t be more different. Mr. Media exists to exploit people; Phillips exists to protect them from journalists, podcasters and bloggers like me.

BRAD PHILLIPS audio excerpt: “Almost every answer you give in a media interview should be a call to action: buy your book, sign your petition, whatever you are out there doing, trying to build awareness and recognition for, you should be doing something that leads the listener or viewer or reader to the results you want. On average, people are exposed to 3,000 marketing messages per day. If you don’t cut through that chatter with a direct call to action, you’re probably going to fail.” 

You can LISTEN to this interview with Mr. Media Training, BRAD PHILLIPS, author of THE MEDIA TRAINING BIBLE, by clicking the audio player above!

The Mr. Media Training blog is new-car fresh every couple of days with topics such as:

? 10 Questions Every Author Should Be Ready To Answer

? 7 Things Billy Joel Teaches You About Public Speaking

? And The Ten Worst Video Media Disasters Of 2012

Phillips is always ready with an opinion and a quip on whatever goes wrong in a given day of celebrity and media newsmaker interviews.

Now he?s stepped up his game with a new book, The Media Training Bible: 101 Things You Absolutely Positively Need to Know Before Your Next Interview. It?s his website on steroids!

Mr. MediaTraining Brad Phillips, author of The Media Training Bible

Watch the the Mr. Media interview with Brad Phillips, author of The Media Training Bible, by playing the video player at the top of this page.

Brad Phillips Mr. Media Training website ? Facebook ? Twitter ? Order The Media Training Bible from Amazon.com

Bob Andelman is the host and producer of Mr. Media® Interviews. He is also the author or co-author of 16 books, including Fans Not Customers with Vernon W. Hill, founder of Commerce Bank and Metro Bank UK, Mind Over Business with Ken Baum, The Consulate with Thomas R. Stutler, The Profiler with Pat Brown, Built From Scratch with the founders of The Home Depot, The Profit Zone with Adrian Slywotzky, Mean Business with Albert J. Dunlap, and Will Eisner: A Spirited Life. Click here to see Bob Andelman’s Amazon Central author page. He is a member in good standing of the American Society of Journalists and Authors (member page).

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