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Episode: Sex, violence sell Jackie Collins new novel, The Power Trip! (2013 Video Intervi
Podcast: Mr. Media
Veröffentlicht: vor 4 Jahren, am 18.03.2013 um 15:05
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Today’s Guest: Novelist Jackie Collins
Mr. Media is recorded live before a studio audience of American rocket scientists who always guess that the foreigner is the bad guy in books and who were quite confused to discover that just about all the characters in The Power Trip are foreigners? in the NEW new media capital of the world? St. Petersburg, Florida!

Novelist Jackie Collins, The Power Trip, Mr. Media Interview

Watch the exclusive Mr. Media interview with New York Times best-selling novelist Jackie Collins by clicking on the video player at the top of this page! (In some browsers it may appear as a black box.)

The Power Trip by Jackie Collins

Order ‘The Power Trip’ by Jackie Collins, available from Amazon.com by clicking on the book cover above!

Go ahead, ask me what most surprised me in reading Jackie Collins’ latest story, The Power Trip.

Nope, not the sex!

It was the sweeping action sequence that brings this wild tale to its conclusion.

I know Ms. Collins has written action before, but this was entirely kick-ass, far more than I would have expected. It changed the complexion of a story baked in privilege, extreme sexuality of many stripes and a load of catty gossip.

JACKIE COLLINS audio excerpt: “I’m not a ‘literary’ writer and I’ve never pretended to be one.” 

You can LISTEN to this interview with novelist JACKIE COLLINS, author of THE POWER TRIP, by clicking the audio player above!

As always, Ms. Collins has packed her story with colorful, powerful, manipulative figures–male and female alike. It seems like everybody has angle, everybody is striving, and everybody is game to climb over anyone they have to in order to be king of some imagined hill.

Poor Little Bitch Girl by Jackie Collins

Order ‘Poor Little Bitch Girl’ by Jackie Collins, available from Amazon.com by clicking on the book cover above! http://amzn.to/YIWRnc

Quite honestly, there are very few truly likeable characters, although I was charmed by the UK football star Taye Sherwin and the Latin singer Luca Perez. Lori, the movie star’s seemingly interchangeable girlfriend, comes closest among the women to being agreeable, but…

If you want to read a page-turner that will make you lose track of time and space, I can heartily recommend The Power Trip by Jackie Collins.

I also recommend you stick around for this interview because Ms. Collins’ first two visits to Mr. Media were nothing but delightful fun. And this time, we’re also going to impose upon her to read a selection from her new book.

Jackie Collins Website ? Twitter ? Facebook ? Google+ ? YouTube ? Pinterest ? Instagram ? The Power Trip website ? Blog ? Order The Power Trip ebook prequel from Amazon.com ? Order The Power Trip

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Bob Andelman is the host and producer of Mr. Media® Interviews. He is also the author or co-author of 16 books, including Fans Not Customers with Vernon W. Hill, founder of Commerce Bank and Metro Bank UK, Mind Over Business with Ken Baum, The Consulate with Thomas R. Stutler, The Profiler with Pat Brown, Built From Scratch with the founders of The Home Depot, The Profit Zone with Adrian Slywotzky, Mean Business with Albert J. Dunlap, and Will Eisner: A Spirited Life. Click here to see Bob Andelman’s Amazon Central author page. He is a member in good standing of the American Society of Journalists and Authors (member page).


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