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Episode: Harvey Frommer, REMEMBERING YANKEE STADIUM author: Mr. Media Interview
Podcast: Mr. Media
Veröffentlicht: vor 9 Jahren, am 02.10.2008 um 03:34
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Book cover of Book cover via AmazonThere are two memories of Yankee Stadium that I hold dear.

The first dates back to 1967. I was six years old and my grandfather took me to the House That Ruth Built for the first time to see my idol, Mickey Mantle. There are two things I remember about that night: The Mick hit a home run but I was mostly scared to death being way up high in the upper deck.

My second memory is of the last time I was at the stadium, June 16, 1997. My wife ordered tickets for us to see the first ever interleague game between the Yankees and their crosstown rival, the Mets. It was the first game that would ever count between the two teams. We flew up from Florida just for the game.

By then, I was more a Mets fan than a Yankees fan and, even more, a Tampa Bay Rays fan. It was as electric an atmosphere as I could imagine any World Series game might offer.

But my recollections are a drop in the bucket compared with the ones collected by Harvey Frommer in his new coffee table book, Remembering Yankee Stadium. It is packed not just with oral histories collected from some of the greatest Yankees players, managers, sports writers and fans, but is also filled with awesome photos from decades of historic moments.
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