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Podcast: The Happy Hour Storybook
Autor: MartinAuer
Aktualisiert: vor 9 Jahren
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Eingetragen: 21.02.2009
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Stories for all occasions by Martin Auer

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4) Fear
Fear Why is that guy looking at me like that? Is he afraid of me? Why is that guy afraid of me? Does he think that I want to hurt him? Why does he think that I want to hurt him? I never hurt anyone! I never hurt anyone, unless he wants to hurt me! So if that guy thinks that I want to hurt ...
Datum: 09.06.2009 15:22 • Größe: 2,6 MB

On a tiny planet there once lived some people who were hard working and others who were not so hard working. Then there were a few who were very hard working and a few who were very lazy. In a word - it was just like everywhere else in the universe. Except that the lazy ones and the hard working...
Datum: 27.03.2009 21:30 • Größe: 3,5 MB

Once upon a time there was a prince. He lived at the royal palace with the king and queen. One day, when he was still very little and the queen was feeding him, the little prince wanted to do something to make her happy. So he took the royal spoon from her royal hand and showed her he could eat by h...
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Far, far away behind the stars, everything is very different from here. And even farther out there, everything is even more different from there, where everything is very different from here. But if you flew far away, very far away into the distance, to the place where everything is completely diffe...
Datum: 19.02.2009 13:59 • Größe: 6,2 MB